BlockAdblock Update 2.01 Available


BlockAdblock 2.01 anti-adblock update is now available for download and all upgraded features have been?integrated into the Customize code-generator.

What’s new in 2.01:BA_update_code

  • Vastly improved Adblock detection methodology. Detects a wider variety of adblockers.
  • Improved measures to defeat anti-anti-adblock defenses. (Yes, this naming convention could become ridiculous).
  • Corrected minor?cross-browser issues
  • Optional protection against javascript blockers like Noscript.
  • Better support for the BlockAdblock block-screen on mobile devices.

Click Here to Customize BlockAdblock using the latest features >


And please keep us posted if you experience issues using BlockAdblock, using the contact forms on the main page.


  • Blade Runner

    Yay! Thanks for adding defenses against BluHell. Works like a charm!

  • Nader

    BlueHell confirmed to be blocked. uBlock Origin also confirmed. Very nice.

  • BryceMcCalles

    Just updated. Looks great so far. Can anyone confirm on iOS blockers? Thanks, Bryce

    • Nader

      Mixed bag on iOS as usual due to proxy blockers.

  • David McReary

    Confirmed to be working on AdBlock Plus.. but I guess we knew that already.

  • D Rosenberg

    Great! Thank you!!!
    Pasting it in now!

  • Kevin O’Brien

    thank you we now have a block for this 🙂