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adblock committee

The new Acceptable Ads committee. (And why it still won’t work)

Last week, Adblock Plus announced the first members of it’s “Acceptable Ads committee”. If all goes as planned, this?newly appointed advertising politburo will decide for us which ads are deemed “acceptable”. Or more precisely,?which ads should be filtered and which ads will not be filtered. These privately appointed commissars of the web will be structured […]

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adblock plus court victory

What will it take to defeat adblocking in court?

Since last April, publishers have?challenged Eyeo, Inc, maker of Adblock Plus six different times in court. They?claim that both?Eyeo’s?”Acceptable Ads” program?and adblocking itself are illegal under European?law. After a total of six?courtroom decisions, the current score is 0-6?in favor of Eyeo. Is it time for the publishing industry to give up? No. But it is […]

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Why fight Adblock? Ask Facebook.

Last week Facebook announced a blow-out quarter, raking in a whopping $7.01B in revenue. Facebook now has an incredible 1.66 billion monthly active users (or roughly 21% of the Earth’s population… every month). To some, Facebook’s soaring earnings came as a surprise.?It was only two quarters ago that some analysts were pointing to the dark […]

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adblock model illegal

Adblock Plus’ business model ruled illegal by German court

  In a legal victory for German publisher Axel Springer, a German court has ruled that Adblock Plus’ can no longer charge the publisher fees?for whitelisting its ads. Currently, Adblock Plus generates revenue via its “Acceptable Ads”??program?which allows publishers to pay to bypass Adblock Plus’ ad?filters. In order to participate in the Acceptable Ads program, […]

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Why block Adblock? Because most visitors will turn it off. That’s why.

If you’re asking yourself whether or not you should block ad-blockers on your website, there?has?probably never been a clearer answer than this: Yes. It works. Statistically speaking: Most users will whitelist your site if you block adblock. According to an IAB UK poll: Nearly two-thirds (64%) of respondents who?ve downloaded [ad blocking]?software have received a […]

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Is Adblock Plus violating the DMCA?

As just about everyone knows,?Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA is a United States copyright law that applies to all copyrighted digital media. ?While originally penned to?curb the illegal copying and distribution of digital media — there’s a good chance the DMCA applies in part to some practices of Adblock Plus and other adblockers.   […]

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zero value

What are visitors who use Adblock worth?

There’s a debate raging among online publishers whether or not visitors who use Adblock to block ads with should be blocked from accessing their?websites. On one side of the debate are major publishers like Forbes, Washington Post?and German mega-publisher Axel Springer, who have ?blocked ad-blockers by varying degrees with large ‘Not Welcome’ screens?that?ask readers?to disable […]

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The new Brave browser. And why it’s not going to work.

When Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla and inventor of JavaScript?announced last week that he was?not only producing a new web-browser, but that his?new browser would address?the issue?of adblocking, the Internet stood?up and took?notice. Eich’s new browser, “Brave” is based on a simple premise: ?Faster, more respectful advertising, less tracking and greater privacy. The Brave […]

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When Adblock blocks your entire blog…

If you’ve visited the blog with an adblocker on recently, you’ve probably seen something that looks like the web circa 1989. Here’s what it should look like on a normal day without Adblock Plus: ?(If you’re not seeing any images… you’re using AdBlock Plus. See the problem?) ? And here’s what Adblock Plus does […]

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