Publisher Axel Springer blocks adblockers. Is the war beginning?

One?of Germany’s largest publishers, Axel Springer just?joined the ranks of those who block adblock.

As of right now, visitors to Bild, one of Europe’s best-selling tabloids will now be required to shut down their adblocker in order to access the website. Alternatively, visitors have the option of becoming paid subscribers at a rate of ?2.99 ($3.40) per month. ?Interestingly, subscribers will then enjoy an?”ad reduced” experience — with ?advertisers still given limited?ability to reach subscribers.

bild blocks adblock

In a public release, the publisher wrote: ? “Whoever does not switch off the adblocker or does not pay cannot see any content on, as of now”.

Axel Springer has been struggling under a massive surge in ad blocking popularity. ?As we noted earlier, a stunning percentage?of??Germans block ads.

What is notable about this move is that this is not only a major publisher, but this is a “full block” as opposed to a “nag”. ?Many websites use technology like BlockAdblock to create “nag” screens in the hopes of gently convincing customers to remove their ad blockers. ?In the case of Axel Springer, ?there is no such soft-glove treatment. ?Users are told to either disengage their adblockers or leave.

It’s a big move. And it’s one we’ve seen coming for a while. Now that a major publisher has taken this move, one has to wonder who’s next.


  • GravityTicker

    So, let me get this clear, even after the subscription, the reader still sees ads? hahaha! Are you “beep” kidding me? Well, let’s see what I’ve got here in my little pocket… A middle finger!! Farewell greedy people. Unbelievable.

    • packerrd

      Yeah, that’s kind of moronic. Why not just charge for a higher subscription cost? If they don’t agree with that high subscription cost, too bad, take the ads.

      • Adam

        Or use anti-adblock killer. Gets past all these adblock detection filters 😀

        • packerrd

          I rather not be a leech in society

          • Adam

            Beats subscription costs or being harassed by horrible adverts and malware

  • Obi Obiora

    Ads, should be seen as part of the content, when you buy a magazine off shelf, you still buy it with ads, contained, this how it’s been, I don’t see the big deal..

    • When’s the last time an ad in a magazine caused a problem with your computer?

  • anon

    who cares about tabloids they are awful and people shouldn’t read them we can cut them off if we ignore tabloids and there websites.