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adblock circumvention

Adblockers don’t break the law. Except when they do.

Is it illegal to block ads? No. According to?multiple court cases, the choice to filter your own http requests?is legal and ultimately up to you.?It’s your computer (or your mobile device). You have the right to decide which?content and scripts enter?your system. The best way to understand this right is that adblockers are basically?”selective downloaders“. […]

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Is Adblock Plus violating the DMCA?

As just about everyone knows,?Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA is a United States copyright law that applies to all copyrighted digital media. ?While originally penned to?curb the illegal copying and distribution of digital media — there’s a good chance the DMCA applies in part to some practices of Adblock Plus and other adblockers.   […]

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