Why block Adblock? Because most visitors will turn it off. That’s why.

If you’re asking yourself whether or not you should block ad-blockers on your website, there?has?probably never been a clearer answer than this:

Yes. It works.

Statistically speaking: Most users will whitelist your site if you block adblock.

According to an IAB UK poll:


Nearly two-thirds (64%) of respondents who?ve downloaded [ad blocking]?software have received a notice from a website asking them to turn off their ad blocker. Over half (54%) said, in certain situations, they would switch off their ad blocker if a website said it was the only way to access content ? this rises to nearly three-quarters (73%) of 18-24 year olds.


In other words, ask and ye shall receive. ?Statistically, a whopping 73% of 18-24 year olds will turn off their ad blockers and whitelist your site.?That’s an almost unbelievable rate of recovery achieved by simply asking.

To put a finer point on it: ?If you’re not already intercepting ad blockers, install?BlockAdblock?pretty much now.

Still need another reason to block Adblock? How about this:


Readers stop using Adblock when they stop being able to access sites

Also according to the IAB UK survey, the second most popular reason for discontinuing Adblock use altogether was: ?Inability to access content.

In other words, not only does blocking adblock result in a recovery of a majority of Adblock users. But widespread blocking of Adblock users can achieve?quitting Adblock altogether.

This has long been the philosophy behind BlockAdblock: ?The reason I work on this project?and the reason it’s free is that the answer to adblocking is not going to come from one or two forward-thinking publications blocking adblockers. ?The answer is going to come from widespread adoption of anti-Adblock measures which begin to alter the average user’s web browsing experience across multiple?websites. When a user’s daily browsing experience becomes regularly punctuated by “nag screens”, we can see statistically that the likelihood that users discontinue Adblock use altogether rises dramatically.

As the IAB UK’s CEO, Guy Phillipson?put it, (emphasis mine)

“Part of the solution to tackle ad blocking lies in making consumers more aware of the consequences, which seems like it?s starting to filter through. If they realise it means they can?t access content or that to do so requires paying for it, then they might stop using ad blockers. It requires reinforcing this ?trade-off? message ? ads help to fund the content they enjoy for free.”

To configure custom Adblock defenses for your site click here.


  • booj

    “Why ban users of AdBlock?

    Simply because you can! No explanation needed. Webmasters, bloggers, and companies spend countless time and money generating web page content. It’s an Intellectual Property which they own and have rights over. Advertisements generate a small ad revenue income that helps pay hosting costs. Webmasters are therefore encouraged to deny access to their content to users of AdBlock or Adblock Plus.”


    • When ad track me, install malware, take up bandwidth that I pay for, and all on my equipment, you have no right to dictate anything to me. I am here and see no ads. I killed the script.

      • Pell

        And when you decide to use the bandwidth I PAY FOR to host the site (yeah not free buddy), I have the right to block you. Because its my copyrighted content. Works both ways. Freeloading does not have to be tolerated. And you don’t have to tolerate ads….. There is no symbiotic relationship occurring and while some publishers may build sites “for fun”. I don’t.

        Not to mention, my Disclaimer makes it very clear that adverts and affiliates could be serving on my site. Its in plain site, so users can opt out based off that too. And cookies can easily be blocked via basic browser settings. No one would have to block adblockers if they left sites they found “offensive”. But most don’t. They stay to consume, and use resources. They get value without trading any value for it. And most block indiscriminately. Whitelistiing is done by a minority and most laymen (most internet users) don’t do anything more than “enable” the plug-in and forget about it.
        Basic logic dictates publishers will respond……

        But you are right; blocking with scripts is pointless. That’s why I block ad blockers server side with a beta network solution. Using scripts is a joke.

        • If you didn’t use auto-run video advertisements, massive animated gif advertisements, advertisements that had malicious code embedded in them, etc people would not be blocking. Until that stop, adblockers will continue to increase and you will receive less and less traffic and less and less money.

          Oh, and don’t worry, there are still ways get your content and not get a single ad.

          • Pell

            I don’t use those things. I just said I have two affiliate links. I also have one ad in the header. No Pop-ups, no interstitials. Contrary, to popular belief, many publishers such as myself use the Internet too……and you ya know we want to make the environment welcoming for our visitors, so I don’t do anything to them I don’t like as a viewer. Go to your average blog….. Turn off ad block for a second and what will you see: probably Google adsense, which has a limit of 3 display adverts and they on running on the SIDE of the content. Additionally, Google is very clean.

            So miss me with this bs logic that says every site is like a free sports streaming site or porn site. I use the Internet every day. Maybe you should stop going to shady sites if all you are running into is malicious code. Lastly, the Internet is filled with malicious code, including your email, where you most likely to get something. Its 2016, get anti-virus protection, download malwarebytes (its free), and use common sense. You all are so lazy and cheap, but claim you stiff publishers due to “malware”.

            Also, yes there are ways that someone surely can crack server side. But its nowhere near as easy as client side. Additionally, I am not blocking them in the sense that they can’t get to the site; they are blocked then asked to turn it off, and so far 96% have done so. Somebody can crack your bank and credit cards too. But don’t you still use them??? Nothing is foolproof goofy…… But the average laymen (which is most internet users) can’t. That’s where the money is: the masses who mean well and value the content (that’s why they turn it off) they just don’t want annoying, irrelevant ads and I respect that , not the freeloaders who peruse the adblockplus forums all day; justifying stealing and extorting publishers for money to get on their “whitelist” . The point is not to block everybody. Doesn’t loss prevention at a store know they can’t stop every thief?? LoL. Use common sense dude, this is a NUMBERS game. And my checks tell me its working. LOL.

          • There has been malicious code in ads on Yahoo, Wired, and Forbes (just to name a few major sites), so take your “don’t go to shady sites” and stick it up your ass.

            Oh, and are you three? Stop with the LOL bullshit.

          • Pell

            Like I said, malware is all over the web. Its 2016. Download Malwarebytes and get on with your life. LOL. But, do what you gotta do, bruh. Go ahead and keep STIFFING your favorite publisher due to malware, that you can stop 98.7% of with anti virus protection and common sense……..I know you have to justify that cognitive dissonance though.

            That’s like telling your family you aren’t going to work hard and provide for them because you MIGHT die in a car crash on your way to work. Cop out for your own scariness.

            We all have different levels integrity, and that’s what ALL this comes down too. And I apply that same logic to crappy publishers (they have no integrity). Crappy publishers also know they offer no real value. Works both ways. Thankfully, I am not catering to people like you and I don’t run a crappy site. I am catering to the masses and my consistent visitors.

          • Ayy

            Sorry, 1.3% is 2 much for me

          • Pell

            AGAIN, the people who respond to me do not seem to realize that I do not CARE if you block ADS, its YOUR browser. That’s your right.The point is I have the RIGHT to BLOCK you from MY WEBSITE. My whole point is we offer each other NO VALUE. I am ok with NOT HAVING A RELATIONSHIP with those individuals because it not symbiotic. LOL. IDK what about that you don’t get. Hell, I use Ad Block to on highly offensive sites. What part of this do you all not get?

          • Nahzuul

            If you don’t care, why do you respond so many times with all caps for “emphasis?” Also, isn’t it obvious that you have a right to your website and I have a right to my own browser and my own computer? It is you who are belaboring the obvious. Why is that?

          • Pell

            What? I am responding to the people who kept telling me that. Maybe you should read the old ass thread from beginning to end ?

            If it’s obvious why are you now responding?

            What more do you want me to say? What is the point in your response to me? If I am be laboring to much, what do you want me to so about that?



          • John

            “Download Malwarebytes and get on with your life. LOL.”
            There are two problems with that statement. The first is it appears you are saying “you can use anti maleware so I don’t have to care if the ads on my site are safe or not” is irresponsible. As a content provider it is your responsibility to take steps to ensure your site is safe for viewing. The second is that assuming any anti maleware or antivirus program will protect you from maleware and viruses is foolish. They can protect you well from known threats but there are more than enough unknown ones out there that they won’t. Even with the known threats, I’ve fixed plenty of computers that were “protected” and got infected anyway (and it was from accidentally clicking ads that were mistaken as legitimate pop-ups by the way).

            “Go ahead and keep STIFFING your favorite publisher due to malware, that
            you can stop 98.7% of with anti virus protection and common sense.” That is an interesting statistic. I would like to read the source study if you have it.

          • Nahzuul

            So “Malwarebytes” is your answer to sites that are putting out malware with their ad block blockers? How about we just don’t put up with your bullshit in the first place? LOL

          • Nahzuul

            “We all have different levels of integrity.” Thanks for providing one of the best reasons to use an ad blocker.

          • Robert Jackson






          • Nahzuul

            Too bad most websites are much more greedy than you describe. Like I said, it’s like commercial TV. It started out years ago, with five minutes of commercials for each hour of viewing. Now, it is up to 23 minutes of commercials with only 37 minutes of program. You will talk a good game now, then up your ad content as time goes by. No thanks. I can get my content elsewhere.

          • Robert Jackson

            In the USA they started selling us Cable by telling us it would not have advertising, now it is advertising galore so bad I get ADD watching TV and endlessly flip the channels, thank god I only watch it in the kitchen


            its a beutiful world online, games are playing, tabs are opening on days like these ads like you, SHOULD BE BURNING IN ADBLOCK

          • Jakob Haley

            I agree with using adblock ONLY IF it interferes with the use of the site such as ads that appear in front of me and either accidentally click it (which is rare) or just bugs me to the point where I am more or less inclined to use an adblocker just to stop them appearing and leave it at that. Whilst I do understand that it usually is costly to build and maintain websites and I’m okay with seeing ads as long as they are placed in places like the sides, top, bottom or even in between the page, but not directly in front of me, following me around to make me click on them.

        • Nahzuul

          “You don’t have to tolerate ads.” Like hell you don’t. Turn off your adblocker and suddenly you have a commercial TV experience again, where you are getting 20 minutes of commercials for every 40 minutes of actually viewing a program. No thanks, I’ll read a book. Not to mention that after sites beg you to turn off your adblocker, you get malware. What if malicious programs were allowed to be installed on your TV? Some assholes like you have a right to do that? Piss off. There is always an alternative website with the same or similar content to yours. Don’t let the door hit ya!

        • Robert Jackson

          Stop putting garbage ass ads on like auto sound playing, auto video, popups, popunders etc. and then people would not use ad blockers.

          People use ad blockers not to block advertising but to block ANNOYING ASS ADVERTISING THAT SO MANY ARE ADDICTED TO ADDING TO THEIR WEBSITES.

      • Robert Jackson

        That and those BS ads really, really, really slow the loading of their pages down for everyone who does not have like 20mbs internet, and god forbid you are on a fucking mobile device, tablet etc. they just cannot handle all that javascript.

    • x01x012013

      You got a demo? Because that doesn’t look like working.

    • Nahzuul

      Why use Adblock? Simply because you can! Oh yes, then there is the lack of annoying popups in your face that require a response before you can continue and less of certain kinds of malware. There is that, too.

    • Robert Jackson



        use adguard its free and blocks detection

    • Tyler Sigi

      I think its time to diversify and think of a better way to make money than ads. Donations is a good way to go. To start with. Merchandise too. I’m sure some of these people can get creative. And sure keep the ads, but it probably wont be the main revenue.


      I KILLED THE SCRIPT punk You have 0 control over me and if you deny acess I WILL BREAK YOU SITE WITH MY ANTIBLOCKADBLOCK SOFTWARE >:)

  • Maleboligia

    And yet here I sit, browsing your site that you claim you block adblock on, with it running. Refresh, click a link other than the main page and I can post comments like this.

    It’s a clever idea but it doesn’t work. And getting it to work with all browsers, I wish you luck. Btw adblock only blocked 1 ad.

    • Selina

      You realize there are no ads on this site, right?

      • DinnyBeats

        LOL! He thought he was blocking them.

    • J?lio

      kkkk. I think the contents of this site is the real ad. In this sense, ABP need to block access to the site. kkk


      4 ads blocked what losers i hate blockadblock

  • https://gist.github.com/Dylan5797/b4db76d5158025cd683a haven’t gotten the takedown notice yet

  • x01x012013

    This is going to end up as an arm race. Anti-AdBlock Killer vs AdBlock detector vs AdBlocker vs Ads

    The first gen AdBlock detectors use static function name and AdBlocker protectors just put in a similar function that always report nothing detected and lock the variable.

    Then AdBlock detectors gets smarter and randomly name the main function but internal methods are still static, then AdBlocker protectors just do a scan and replace recognized function.

    Now AdBlock detectors randomize everything and AdBlocker white-list those test elements and requests.
    Like this:

    We will see next gen AdBlock blocker that use full anonymous function with real ad load and we will see next gen Opera with fake request responses.

  • Scott

    This smells like pure BS. Why publish poll results instead of actual usage stats ?

    The most obvious and likely answer is simple: the actual stats suck so BAB is misleading you by showing poll results.

    I block ads because they’re awful. They make reading articles painful, they’re annoying, and they often border on malware spinning up my CPU usage or being otherwise intrusive.

    Anyone thinking about using this – please just make it easy for me to pay your site a reasonable amount and I’ll bite, but this is just rude. Use it and it pits you against your visitors, basically saying ?eff-you? to them and treating them like criminals when they have very good reasons for using AdBlock that have nothing to do with taking revenue away from you.

    • Pell

      The poll results are from the IAB, not BlockAdblock.

      • Scott

        Yeah exactly. They’re not numbers based on actual user data but what people said they’d do, not what they’ve actually done.

        Show me the numbers for actual people who have gone to sites. I’d be shocked if they make this crap ware look anywhere near as good (and not just because if they did, you’d show them)

  • wibbling

    Or, your site is pouring on to my computer and I’ll do what i like with it and there’s little you can do about it. I’m blocking ads for my health. I’m not interested in them and won’t see them. Sites that fiddle about with text or other such javascript get mangled to work for me. Stop fighting it and change your business model.

  • Marik

    This is incredible misleading. Doing a survey isn’t going to prove anything, as surveys collection opinion and not fact. Know what proves you wrong for even blocking users of AdBlock from your site? Look at site visits numbers of those who didn’t go with blocking AdBlock users entirely. Those that did saw a sharp drop in visitors numbers with no relevant finance gain from their ads (many report less money coming in after the changes).

    Better tactics to discourage the use of AdBlock or to get users to start putting your site on their whitelists:
    1) Ask them, don’t force them. If you force them they are going to go elsewhere and are not going to recommend your site to anyone.
    2) Don’t use Google AdSense. It is garbage and lets far too much spam and malware-laden ads through. You want to have both ads and users viewing them? You’re going to have to go with a service that has better ad control and allows you to pick and choose which ads you want your users to see on your site.
    3) Don’t block or attempt to block at all, get rid of your ads and use a system like Patreon or PayPal to get donations to keep your site running.

    So no, in the end, blocking AdBlock users doesn’t work and simply isn’t worth it. Do not believe this site for a second as virtually every site that has gone through these methods has lost both ad revenue and site visits.

    There are plenty of websites out there that track popular websites ranking and visitors. Feel free to check out a popular site, like Forbes, before and after they blocked all AdBlock users. In fact, some of the sites which blocked AdBlock users are now letting them back in, as they found out blocking them just wasn’t worth it.

    Why is this site pushing for blocking AdBlock? They’re the ones dealing it. Know why this site’s ad revenue hasn’t suffered and won’t? Clicks and downloads from those that don’t use AdBlock, typically those that are trying to rid themselves of AdBlock users and not realizing that even trying to do so is a fallacy and won’t increase business or visits to a website at all, when in fact the opposite happens.

    Here’s a thought, maybe instead of blocking AdBlock users in the misplaced hope that ad revenue will increase (newsflash: it doesn’t), maybe you should change tactics and instead find another method of

    On a final note no, AdBlock does not violate DMCA on any level and is no in any way, shape or form illegal. Also, no, AdBlock users will not turn it off, they just won’t visit your website. Just ask Forbes.

  • Nahzuul
  • Scotty Watty

    Will users are prick and will have bugs on there PC or mobile I WILL NOT GET RID OF adblock

  • LucianaIV

    Yeah.. have fun blocking my adblock, and I’ll do the same thing I do with Forbes, I stop going there. People need to stop pretending that the adblock user is the problem, rather then the ads that are commonly used.

    People use adblock because of fucking annoying, malicious ads. Fucking pop up screens, new browser windows, random tabs, video ads, audio ads, and all kinds of ridiculous bullshit.

    Look, I feel for those of you that use reasonable non-intrusive, non-nerve grating ads, but like many things, I’m afraid you’re the victim of the bad guys, the worst ones, that stand out.

    I -sometimes- turn off my adblock when I notice some kind of site issue, and often after refreshing I am completely bombarded by the worst of it all, often to the point where I don’t even want to do what I came there to do. Be it read an article, watch a video, or whatever.

    I don’t block ads to ”take your revenue” or to just be a dick to you, I block ads because I don’t want to deal with above mentioned ads.

  • Robert Jackson


  • Kyle Mendes

    yea im not turning it off ill leave and go to another site there is plenty of articles that dont do that stupid shit, fuck ads i dont need to be force fed bs, i dont udnerstand how ads are now good they are annoying and me not seeing there ads barley has any affect. fuck off.

  • Clement Caillat

    Great idea! Let’s discourage people from using Adblock by putting even MORE annoying pop-ups! As a adblock user, I have red through a couple of articles on your website and can only conclude this: If using Adblock is wrong, then you are as wrong as us. Do you realize that the reason people use Adblock in the first place is intrusive ads and pop-ups like this? I, like many people will only stop using Adblock when ads are not intrusive anymore. I am also sorry to say that your arguments are as biased as most Adblock users. You don’t seem to realize that it’s the customer choice and that most of time, if they don’t like one website that shows them intrusive ads or blocks Adblock, they will usually leave in preference of another website. Check out this still fairly relevant article from The Stack: https://thestack.com/world/2016/04/21/sites-that-block-adblockers-seem-to-be-suffering/
    The only thing you made realize today is that I should allow non-intrusive advertising. Good day.

  • Sebasti├ín

    Insanely misleading statistics. If you look at them with a minimal amount of care you realize they actually suggest most users won’t disable adblock in most situations, by far.

  • Satan

    You people are fucking terrorists. Advertsing does not belong on my computer. I pay Shitcast 75 fucking dollars a month just to get online. Don’t tell me i need to pay to look at websites.

  • brandon

    Well i guess i’m the minority because i have never and will never turn off my adblock at a sites request. If it is requested i just wont use the site. It’s delusional to think there arent 100 other sites to get the info or entertainment we want . But good luck with that tho lol

  • Charles Smith

    Adblocking has become a major concern. We are in need to beat them as they’re hurting online advertising business revenue. This steps seem damn simple! I can try it for short-term solution. As yet I have used Adzsafe to deal with adblockers. It supports my ads to load and to be seen. I started profiting revenues instantly. Your simple steps can help me to get rid of adblockers for short-term. Thanks though!

  • Mark

    I wont support a site that doesnt support Adblocker. Adblocker is an investment in your consumers PCs health against viruses and malware. as many adds contain just that. If you block Adblocker that shows me you dont care about me so AI dont care to visit your site!

  • ads_lmao

    Go fuck yourself. I don’t care for ads. They’re intrusive, deceitful and annoying. I don’t care if it’s your only stream of revenue, either. It’s a very unethical way to make money in the first place. If you have no other way to thrive, then hopefully you will disappear from the web soon enough.


      yep how does you not making money off of ads affect me it dosent so go fuck yourselves and your ads and find somethng else to do WE DONT WANT YOU ON OUR INTERNET #BANBLOCKADBLOCK